Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Handy Craft to Celebrate Easter

A number of years ago I went through a handprint phase.  My oldest two were quickly outgrowing everything and my littlest was quickly leaving that 'little' stage.  Because they all liked to get gooey, we made many handprint crafts.  We look back on them now with happy memories and have fun seeing how everyone has grown.  This simple craft is easily done at family gatherings and doesn't take much time, but the memories will last a lifetime. This is one of my most cherished.
Easter Handprint Cross

Start with a simple oval or rectangle canvas from a craft shop.  Decide on your color scheme - you will need a background color of paint, handprint color and an accent color or two.  You also will need a small roll of 1/2" fabric ribbon to cover the edge of the canvas - so you can skip the frame step!

Paint the background canvas at least an hour before the handprint stage.
Once dry,  use magazines under the canvas between the wood frame edges to create a firm surface
(this prevents streching canvas when pressing on hands).

Assemble the children and sort of measure/ design hand placement
- this isn't an exact science.
  Put handprint color paint on paper plates.
Using a disposable foam brush, paint the hands of your subjects.
Guide the child's hand to canvas and firmly press down, let hand sit still for a bit and gently press on each finger making sure center of palm reaches canvas - if the palm doesn't reach - you can touch up with the foam brush later.

Let dry for at least an hour or two before add accents.  
Christ has no hands on earth but ours - St. Teresa of Avila

We also made a Christmas print and a Halloween print ~ 

The Christmas print was made at Thanksgiving during an extended family gathering - using all of the children's hands.  The littlest wasn't up for gooey so I traced her hand on paper, made a stencil and added to top of tree.

Instead of a guest book at our annual Pumpkin carving party, any child that wanted 'signed' our hand canvas ~

A blessed Easter Season to you and yours. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Karen, I found your blog from jumping around the Catholic blogs. Have you linked up this very cute Lent craft at one of them? You should, others would love to see it.

    How did you write the Happy Easter around it?

  2. Wonderful Easter project! Thank you for sharing. I will certainly try it with my first graders!